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[Research honor]
2007 National Edible Fungus Processing Technology R&D Center
2010 Fujian Provincial Medicinal Fungus Engineering Research Center
2012 National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Cultivation and Deep Processing of Medicinal Mushrooms
2014 Fujian Provincial Academician Expert Demonstration Workstation
2016 National Demonstration Academician Expert Workstation
[planting honor]
2007 Fujian Spark Industry Technology Innovation Center
2015 United Nations Industrial Development Organization "Food and Drug Cultivation and Processing Technology Demonstration Base"
2017 Space Ganoderma cultivation and deep processing research and demonstration base
2018 China's first batch of "three complete and one no" herbal brand base
【Enterprise Honor】
2006~2018 National High-tech Enterprise
2014 United Nations Special Contribution Award for South-South Cooperation
2016 National Key Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization
[Trademark / Brand Reputation]
The most trusted Ganoderma brand of 2014/2015 healthy Chinese consumers
2015/2018 Chinese pharmacy clerk recommendation rate highest brand
2015 China Lingzhi Top Ten Brands
2016 China Famous Brand
2016 China Enterprise's Most Respected Brand of the Year
2017 Asia Natural & Nutritional Health Products Exhibition “Most Influential Brand”
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