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God cow stealing Ganoderma lucidum

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At that time, when Sun Bin studied art in Yunmeng Mountain, he was diligent and eager to learn. Not only did he win the favor of the master Guiguzi, but he was also appreciated by the Queen Mother. He was therefore assigned to guard the ganoderma lucidum on the northern cliff of Taoyuan.

Sun Bin is in the martyrdom of learning, carrying a Taoist to the cliff every day to patrol, while holding the green cow, in the North Taoyuan, a kind of millet called the show. The so-called follow-up show is the seed in front of the seed, and the back of the millet is ready to show the grain spikes at any time. The little boy was followed by a mature millet.

The days are long, the little boy feels that the glutinous rice, the green cow is not rude, and he wants to try it. One day, I went to the Taoyuan Valley, and Xiaodao Tong said to Sun Bin: "Master, can you let me help?" Sun Hao pointed to the cliff and said: "This mountain and the waist have a thousand-year-old ganoderma lucidum planted by the mother-in-law. Let me This green cow is very tempered, afraid that you can't control it, accidentally let it swallow the ganoderma lucidum grass, the mother-in-law is blamed: how can I confess! "From then on, the little boy and the different masters said that learning things La.

One day, Sun Bin had something to go out. Before leaving, he had to watch the door again and again, and he was not allowed to run around. Xiaodao Tong looked at the master and drove away from Xiangyun. He was tempted to try his own tricks. I can think of the master again, and I don’t dare to act without authorization.

The blue cow seems to have guessed the mind of Xiaodao Tong. Suddenly he said: "Dao Tong's younger brother, the master is not at home, but today is a good time to try your best." Xiaodao Tong heard, happy to ask: "Blue Bull Buddy Are you willing to accompany me?” Qingniu immediately replied: “Of course I am willing.” Hesitated for a while and said: “But you have to promise me two conditions.” Dao Tong asked: “Which two conditions” Qing The cow said: "First, you can't cast spells when you are squatting." Xiaodao Tong said: "It's easy, I won't cast spells." "The second one, you can't pull my nose." These two conditions all the children agreed. The green cow is happy to scream at the sky.

In this way, the little boy squatted and took the cow, and walked along the back of the green dragon and went straight to the North Taoyuan. Learn the master's appearance, put the green cow on it, and pick it up from the south to the north.

The green cow was originally a god in the sky, because it was unruly in the heavens, and the Jade Emperor sentenced it to Yunmengshan to sin for the sun. It has long been known that the Queen Mother planted Ganoderma lucidum in Yunmeng Mountain. When she thought of this Ganoderma lucidum, she would have a drool. When she was stunned, she held her nose tightly. He also casts spells on one side, so he doesn't dare to come. Before today’s squatting, Xiaodao Tong promised two conditions, and it was determined to eat this millennium Ganoderma lucidum. As soon as he reached the North Cliff, the green cow would have a head, a neck stretched out, and the tongue swept to the bottom of the cliff, just grabbing the ganoderma lucidum. As soon as you can harden, swallow it and swallow it.

This pharynx does not matter, the green Newton feels hot and dry under the body, thirsty and unbearable, the horns keep swinging, dry and screaming. Suddenly I think of the spring water in the Wanghu Lake. In spite of the repeated discouragement of Xiaodao Tong, he slammed down with the slamming of the North Cliff. The shovel on the three lame legs, holding the cliff, even took out three deep trenches.

Qingniu ran to the edge of the Broken King Lake and breathed a glimpse of the lake. But I still can't quench my thirst. I can't think of any place where there is water. I can't stand the thirst. I am gradually thirsty and I can't stand up at the lake.

The green cow was thirsty alive and turned into a mountain bag, which is today's Jinniuling.