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Wuyi Pengzu old and eight hundred

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Daoguang's "Wuyishanzhi" contains: Peng Zu, the old man of the Tang Dynasty in the Tang Dynasty, the originator of Wuyi Kaishan, "the traces of health, Ruzhi sucking", because of the regular Wuyi Ganoderma lucidum, life eight hundred years old (60 days in the ancient period is one year, folded into the present About 128 years old, driving to the west, respecting the originator of Chinese health; longevity Xianweng Pengzu food Ganoderma lucidum health secrets have been passed down by the Wuyishan people to the present, has achieved the reputation of Wuyishan longevity township.

Pengzu Lingzhi originated from Wuyi Mountain. For thousands of years, Wuyi Mountain has been the breeding ground for wild Lingzhi. The climate, water source, soil and surrounding ecological environment are very compatible with the nature of Ganoderma lucidum.