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Jade Fairy and Ganoderma Lucidum

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According to legend, a long time ago, a Qinglong was practicing in the foothills of Dahong Mountain in Yingcheng. This Qinglong is the son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. It is said that the jade fairy of the Heavenly Palace often bathes in the hot spring of Tangchi, and then he wants to smear the scent and add a little skill. After the bath, the jade fairy is bathed in the soup pool. Because of its lack of roads, the water in the pond was polluted and the plague spread. After the jade fairy knew it, she immediately dismissed the suffering for the people.

She came to the Tangchi boundary, first pierced her fingers with jade, dripped blood into the hot springs to detoxify, and then went to Dahongshan to pick up Lingzhi and come back to treat the people. She stepped on Xiangyun to the halfway up the mountain, and saw a gigantic Ganoderma lucidum on the cliff. She was about to approach, suddenly swam out a leopard flower from the grass, and spit the letter to her. She quickly took off Yu Pei from the waist and threw it at the big bang, and suddenly caught the big bang. This jade is a wishful circle, it can become bigger and smaller, the big cockroach is tightly wrapped, and it will not move after struggling for a while. She then fixed her eyes and saw where the big cockroaches were. The jade fairy was secretly happy, took the medicine and went to the ganoderma lucidum, but saw a big horse honeycomb hanging under the ganoderma lucidum grass, and the wasp flew up and down. When the jade fairy took out the treasure fan, the horse honeycomb fell and immediately became a medicine basket. The jade girl was overjoyed. She took the medicine basket and took the ganoderma lucidum. When she came back to the pharmaceutical side, it was really the medicine to get rid of the disease, and the plague was quickly extinguished.

However, it is said that Yingcheng County’s surname is a dog officer who is greedy and greedy. He learned that eating ganoderma lucidum can prevent disease and prolong life, and he wants to occupy the ganoderma lucidum. He took the jade fairy and confiscated his picking and collecting basket. The county magistrate saw that the jade fairy was beautiful, not fascinated, but pretentious: "Under the heavens, all belong to the kingdom, the official wants to sin you, read your red and weak women, as long as you hand over the ganoderma lucidum, this Open the official website and share with you the wealth and prosperity?"

After listening to the jade fairy, I thought about it: "Thanks to the master for lifting, I only need to follow three things." Which three pieces do you want to ask? The jade fairy said: "The first one, when the church releases the robbed women." The county magistrate felt that the appearance of the women and women was less than one thousandth of the jade fairy, and immediately ordered the servants to do so.

The jade fairy said: "The second thing is to open the warehouse and release the grain and relieve the people." The county magistrate refused to agree, but the more he saw the jade fairy, the more beautiful he was, the evil fire rose, and the horse uploaded the order to open the grain.

The jade fairy said: "The third thing, you usually do nothing, and harm the people, you must cut your head to show the crowd." The county magistrate heard a big anger: "Come to people, give me!" Just about to go forward, I saw the jade fairy immortal with a fan of a wave, the collection basket in the hall turned into a horse honeycomb, a large group of wasps flying around the squadrons. The county magistrate was so scared that he was about to escape. The jade girl and the fairy fan waved a wave. The medicine was turned into a leopard flower, and the county magistrate was tightly hugged. In a short while, the county magistrate made a life call. .

The jade fairy and the singer fan, the group of wasps have plunged into the honeycomb and turned into a collection basket, and the leopard flower has also turned into a medicine collection.

Subsequently, the jade female fairy walked out of the county, said goodbye to the people, and exerted mana to press the Qinglong at the bottom of Wenfeng Tower.