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"Gangmu": "Shen Nong Jing" cloud: mountains and rivers, rain, four o'clock, yin and yang, night and night, to the five colors of Shenzhi, for the holy king Xiuxiang. "Rui Yingtu" cloud: Zhicao often born in June, spring Green summer purple, autumn white winter black. Ge Hong "spore" cloud: Zhizhi Shizhi, Muzhi, Caozhi, Shiba, Shizhizhi, hundreds of species also. Shizhi stone elephant, born in the seamount stone island The meat is like a meat. It is attached to the big stone, and has the head and tail. It is a creature. The red is like a coral, the white is like a fat, the black is like a paint, the young is like a green, the yellow is like a purple, and the yellow is bright. The hole is as strong as the ice. The big ones are more than ten kilograms, and the small ones are three or four kilograms. Anyone who seeks zhicao and enters the famous mountain must open the month of the magical medicine in March and September. The qi is born, just like the tumor of life, and the ancient and modern thoughts are the sedges, and the clouds can be eaten by the celestial beings. Sincerely, the singularity of the syllabus is very close to the words of the idioms. The alchemist used the wood to get wet, and the medicine Fu, that is, the five-color Zhi. Jiajing Zhongwang Jin tasted the life to offer the Shizong. The people who have never said it before, must not know."

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