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Shiquanda Buji Ganoderma

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Drinking a drink is healthier every day

In the winter, people began to nourish their health through various methods. Bubble medicinal wine is one of them. High alcohol can penetrate the active ingredients of medicinal herbs such as Ganoderma lucidum, and the effect of the wine itself can be used to maximize the efficacy of both. Drink a glass of wine in the winter and let the wine linger!






Xianzhilou Organic Purple Ganoderma Lucidum 150g
Chalk 60g
Angelica 20g
Jiuchuan 32g
Northern sand ginseng 48g
Mai Dong 40g
Braised atractylodes 40g
Fuling 60g
Huangshi 80g
Gouqi 60g
Changbai Mountain wild ginseng 45g
Seahorse 10g
Erguotou 5L


             Wash all the herbs, put them in the Erguotou and seal them, and drink them after half a year.


Cooking tips

This is a prescription specifically designed for winter nourishing needs. Start making wine in summer and drink in winter.