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Ganoderma lucidum honey white fungus

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祛除秋燥滋润汤羹不可少““燥”是秋季气候的特点,治“秋燥”的重点在于滋阴润燥,多煲一些清火的汤羹,才能让身体滋润起来。喝上这样一碗灵芝汤,可很好改善肺阴不足或肺肾两虚引起的咳嗽、心神失养、失眠多梦、怔忡健忘等症。”   用料 仙芝楼有机紫灵芝片4克银耳10克枸杞适量红枣若干莲子若干红豆适量薏米适量花生适量蜂蜜适量做法1.      将银耳去蒂,用水泡发20分钟并撕碎。2.      取煮锅,加入水

It’s essential to get rid of the autumn dry nourishing soup.

“Dryness is the characteristic of autumn climate. The key point of cure autumn dryness is to nourish yin and moisten dryness, and to lick some clear fire soup to moisturize the body. Drinking such a bowl of Ganoderma lucidum soup can improve the cough, heart dystrophy, insomnia, dreams, and forgetfulness caused by lung deficiency or lung and kidney deficiency.






Xianzhilou Organic Purple Ganoderma Lucidum 4g
Tremella 10g
Gouqi Moderate amount
Jujube Several
Lotus seed Several
red beans Moderate amount
Glutinous rice Moderate amount
peanut Moderate amount
honey Moderate amount


1.       The white fungus was stalked, soaked in water for 20 minutes and shredded.

2.       Take the skillet, add water, put the white fungus into the pot, then add the ganoderma lucidum tablets, lotus seeds, medlar, peanuts, glutinous rice, and a little red beans.

3.       After the fire is boiled, switch to a small fire for 1 hour, until the white fungus becomes a thick juice, remove the ganoderma lucidum residue and eat it in 3 portions. Honey can be added according to personal taste.

烹Cooking tips

1、Tremella must be cooked until thick enough to be successful.
2、When you are licking silver fungus, you can add some ingredients to your taste, and the taste and nutrition are more abundant.
3、Without honey, you can put rock sugar or sugar.