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Ganoderma lucidum Gouqi Chrysanthemum tea

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美好的一天从一杯灵芝茶开始“春困秋乏夏打盹。夏季气温升高,易让人感到精神不振、全身乏力。此茶融汇灵芝、绿茶、杭菊、枸杞的保健功效,口感清苦回甘,清爽提神,可缓解疲劳,振奋神智,适合办公室白领一族长期饮用。”   用料仙芝楼灵芝精制饮片3克绿茶3克杭菊适量枸杞适量做法1.      将仙芝楼灵芝精制饮片、绿茶(或其他茶叶)、杭菊、枸杞放入杯中,适量开水冲泡后饮用。

A good day starts with a cup of Ganoderma tea

Spring sleepy autumn is lacking in summer. In summer, the temperature rises, making people feel weak and weak. This tea blends the health benefits of Ganoderma lucidum, green tea, Hangju and medlar. It tastes bitter and sweet, refreshing and refreshing, relieves fatigue and invigorates the mind. It is suitable for long-term drinking by office white-collar workers.





Xianzhilou Lingzhi refined pieces 3g
green tea 3g
Hangju Moderate amount
Gouqi Moderate amount


1.       Put the refined pieces of Xianzhilou Ganoderma lucidum, green tea (or other tea), Hangju and medlar into the cup, and drink in moderate amount of water.