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Ganoderma lucidum tomato beef noodles

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Don't be unhappy, I will give you a bowl of noodles.

This is the standard line in the TVB drama of the early years. It can be seen that a bowl of noodles can be more comfortable except for a full stomach. In the early spring of March, it is warm and cold. Come to a bowl of Ganoderma lucidum tomato beef noodles, smooth and smooth noodles, served with hot Lingzhi beef soup, delicious and palatable, long aftertaste, nourishing the liver and spleen. A bowl of warm stomach and warm heart of Ganoderma lucidum tomato beef noodles to make the tired body full of vitality!






Xianzhilou Organic Purple Ganoderma Lucidum 10g
Burdock 300g
tomato 1
Mushroom Several
noodles Moderate amount
Pepper Moderate amount
star anise Moderate amount
Onion, ginger Moderate amount
Cooking wine Moderate amount


1.       Cut the burdock and prepare the sirloin, then cut the onion and ginger slices, and the tomatoes are also cut into pieces.

2.       Take the skillet, put the chopped green onion, ginger and Xianzhilou organic purple ganoderma lucidum into the pot, then put the prepared sirloin pieces, and finally add a little pepper, star anise and cooking wine, pour the warm water to the pot. Cover the fire and boil.

3.       After the water is opened, add the chopped tomatoes and mushrooms, continue to stew for about 40 minutes until the burdock is soft and rotten, and add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken flavor according to your taste. Put the fried noodles into the bowl, pour the cooked ganoderma broth into the noodles, and finally place the ingredients in the pan on the surface.

Cooking tips

1、Adding salt when cooking noodles can prevent the noodles from sticking together and make the noodles more elastic and Q.
2、The ganoderma lucidum tablets can also be replaced with spore powder. Add the spore powder to the prepared beef soup and stir well. This is the Ganoderma lucidum beef soup; the noodles are cooked and removed, and the soup can be added.