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Spore powdered egg fried rice

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人人心中都有一碗蛋炒饭“蛋炒饭,表面平淡无奇,但每个人心中都有一碗忘不掉的蛋炒饭,是记忆中妈妈做的粒粒分明的蛋炒饭,是饥寒落魄时别人递来的还带着温度的蛋炒饭,还是芝香扑鼻惊艳到你的那碗健康养生滋补蛋炒饭?”   用料 仙芝楼破壁灵芝孢子粉2克鸡蛋2个米饭1碗洋葱少许培根少许玉米粒少许胡萝卜丁少许青豆少许做法1.      首先将葱和洋葱切细备好,将培根切成条备用;2.      取一干净的大碗,打

Everyone has a bowl of fried rice in the heart

Egg fried rice, the surface is bland, but everyone has a bowl of egg fried rice that can't be forgotten. It is a grain-cut egg fried rice made by mother in memory. It is a fried rice with temperature when someone is hunger and cold. Or is it a delicious bowl of healthy and nourishing egg fried rice?






Xianzhilou Broken Ganoderma lucidum spore powder 2g
egg 2
rice 1 bowl
onion a little
Bacon a little
corn kernels a little
Carrot a little
Haricot vert a little


1.       First cut the onions and onions, and cut the bacon into strips for use;

2.       Take a clean large bowl, break in two eggs, mix well, and set aside;

3.       Take the pan, preheat the fire, and then pour the oil evenly into the pan. After the oil temperature rises, pour the stirred egg liquid evenly into the pan and spread it out. After the egg liquid is settled, a moderate stir fry can be used to prepare the bowl for use.

4.       Clean the pot, pour the new oil into the heat, pour the prepared chopped green onion, onion, corn, carrot, and green beans into the pan, then add the previously cut bacon to stir fry and discolor.

5.       Then pour in a bowl of rice and continue to stir fry. Finally, pour the fried egg into the pot with the spore powder of the Ganoderma lucidum, and stir them well. Add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken seasoning and mix well.


Cooking tips

1、Ingredients for egg fried rice can be matched according to your own preferences.
2、Spore powder should be poured in the final fried rice before the pot is put out, stir fry a few times and immediately rise to avoid the long-term high temperature stir fry to destroy the nutrients of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder.