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China Brand Day 2020: GanoHerb and Its Reishi

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From May 10th to 12th, the National Development and Reform Commission and multiple ministries and commissions held the 2020 China Brand Day online on the theme of " China Brand, World Sharing; All-Round Moderate Prosperity; Sophisticated Life; Power of Brand-Combating COVID-19 in Full Swing.

From May 10th to 12th, the National Development and Reform Commission and multiple ministries and commissions held the 2020 China Brand Day online on the theme of " China Brand, World Sharing; All-Round Moderate Prosperity; Sophisticated Life; Power of Brand-Combating COVID-19 in Full Swing. " This event takes the Shanghai Exhibition Center as the background, set up a central exhibition hall and 37 local exhibition halls. Altogether 1,300 domestic brands are participating in the exhibition this year. GanoHerb, as a leading enterprise in the Chinese Ganoderma lucidum industry and a representative of innovative enterprises in Fujian Province, was invited to appear in the Fujian Pavilion to show the world the brand charm of "organic Ganoderma lucidum with Chinese quality".

Since 2017, the State Council has established May 10 each year as "China Brand Day" to promote well-known domestic brands, tell Chinese brand stories and increase the influence and recognition of independent brands. Since then, GanoHerb has appeared on the stage with heavyweight brand enterprises for the fourth consecutive time, speaking for China's Lingzhi!

Strengthen the brand with technological innovation

"Brands are the soul of an enterprise, products are the foundation of enterprise competitiveness, and technology is the core competitiveness of products. Only by independent innovation and convincing quality can an enterprise be invincible."

Since its establishment, GanoHerb has insisted on independent research and development, taking technological innovation as an important core to strengthen the brand. Relying on the platform of academician and expert workstations, a high-quality scientific research team combining production, teaching and research has been formed to create an exclusive Process on "online fractionation and purification of spore oil " and solve the key technical bottleneck of deep processing of Lingzhi.

In 2010, GanoHerb established the first academician and expert workstation of Fujian Agricultural System.

At present, GanoHerb has participated in the formulation of 13 national, local and group standards for the Ganoderma lucidum industry, applied for and obtained 24 national invention patents covering cultivation, quality control, deep processing technology and product development and other aspects of Reishi mushroom.

Optimizing Chinese brands with organic quality.

Since the first appearance of GanoHerb Brand Ganoderma lucidum spore powder at the World Expo in 1999, GanoHerb has paid more attention to the deep processing, research and development as well as quality control system of Ganoderma products. In 2005, in order to adapt to the development of the market and make the brand bigger and stronger, GanoHerb officially invested in the establishment of a GMP factory in Fuzhou for deep processing of Ganoderma lucidum. It maintained a strict quality control from raw materials to processing. It has passed the ISO22000:2005 and HACCP certification and has become the Ganoderma company that has passed the organic certification of China, the United States, Japan and the European Union for 15 consecutive years.

GanoHerb insists on imitative wild organic cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum on Duanwood and has been certified organic by China, the United States, Japan and the European Union.

For many years, GanoHerb has been insisting on the cultivation and production of organic Reishi mushroom according to the national medicinal material GAP standard. In over 300 pesticide residue tests conducted by third-party authoritative institutions every year, the test results of GanoHerb’s Ganoderma are all "Negative". Ganoderma lucidum raw materials and deep-processed products meet the export quality standards of more than 30 countries and regions in the world and have won many international and national honors such as the award in recognition of special contribution to South-South and Triangular Cooperation given by the United Nations in 2014, the Award of Ganoderma Brand Trusted by Consumers on the Forum of Health China in 2014, the Demonstration Base of Edible-Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation and Processing Technology identified by the UNIDO in 2015, China Well-Known Trade Mark in 2016 and the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in 2016…

GanoHerb plantation was selected into the first batch of “Three Nons and One Whole” Medicinal Materials Brand Bases in November 2018 (Three Nons and One Whole refers to sulfur-free processing, no aflatoxin exceeding the allowed figure, pollution-free and traceable throughout the process.)

Brighten the brand with cultural transmission.

Since the beginning of 2000, GanoHerb began to expand its overseas strategic layout and cooperated with the University of Arizona and other universities to carry out technological innovations. According to market demand, GanoHerb combines Ganoderma lucidum with local specialty food ingredients to make rich Lingzhi products. For example, GanoHerb pairs American Ginseng from the United States with Ganoderma lucidum from Pucheng to develop Ganoderma lucidum and American ginseng tea, which is very popular in Europe and America. In addition, GanoHerb has developed more than ten kinds of Lingzhi products such as Reishi coffee, Reishi milk tea, Reishi Sleep capsule and Reishi Bitter Melon capsule to popularize Chinese organic Lingzhi across the globe.

At the same time, GanoHerb also insists on taking cultural communication as an important means of branding, actively participates in major industry conferences, forums, expos and other events held at home and abroad and continues to hold the International Ganoderma Conference, National Impression Lingzhi Music Festival, International Ganoderma Cultural festivals. By combining "Ganoderma lucidum culture" and "Healthy Life", GanoHerb aims to create an important platform for the display, exchange, sharing and cooperation of Ganoderma lucidum culture in the world and promote the brand image of "Good Ganoderma from GanoHerb" through multiple channels.

Since 2016, GanoHerb has continued to hold an international-scale Lingzhi Cultural Festival every year to spread the Chinese Lingzhi culture.

Brand is not only the soul of an enterprise but also a symbol of a country's economic strength. Ganoderma lucidum has been a gem in the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine for five thousand years. As the leading enterprise in the health industry of Chinese Ganoderma, GanoHerb has the responsibility to constantly build a good Chinese brand image: let Chinese Ganoderma benefit the world and let the world fall in love with Chinese Ganoderma!