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Ganoderma dean Professor Lin Zhibin Advent Xianzhilou teaching guide

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January 19 morning, the dean of Ganoderma - the regional manager of Peking University School of Medicine Professor Lin Zhibin Ye Li invited by the chairman of the Group, came specially from Changsha, Fuzhou, just as Xianzhilou marketing center "home", as well as research and development director , quality control and other departments who work Ganoderma clinical research seminars, and improving professional and technical personnel, marketing personnel theoretical level, drawing on the most cutting-edge scientific research Ganoderma guide enterprises fungus production, research and development, the better Ganoderma health food push to the market.

Lecture, Professor Lin Zhibin concise simple words to teach students the history of the growth of fungus, pharmacological effects and the current status of the market and other product knowledge, and noted that the current market is too confusing fungus, is because the individual companies in order to exaggerate purely commercial interests effects of Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma lucidum whole plant or trick to confuse the concepts.

Meanwhile, Professor Lin also focused on prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia lucidum and adjuvant treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer and other pharmacological effects of most concern to combine broken spore powder, Ganoderma extract and other hot products of scientific explanation. He stressed that the current population in terms of taking ganoderma, cancer patients and 95% of all patients with chronic diseases, malignant, and although the adjuvant treatment of cancer Ganoderma commonly used drugs, its use is still the best care for the prevention of disease.

After the lectures, the students and Professor Lin also the scene of the interaction, answering questions for them, and with the chairman Li Ye and other company leaders and scientific research personnel, marketing center staff posed for pictures at the headquarters lobby.