2022-09-08 16:38:48
Reishi can be used to assist immune drugs to fight cancer
The health benefits of "Ganoderma lucidum extract + sporoderm-broken spore powder" have been scientifically confirmed more than ten years ago. This mixed product can "protect the liver and reduce chemical liver damage (see part one of the trilogy)", "protect bone marrow and white blood cells and alleviate radiation damage(see part two of the trilogy)", as well as assist immune drugs to fight cancer and improve therapeutic effects (see part three of the trilogy).
2022-09-01 16:27:40
Combined effects of Reishi extract and sporoderm-broken spores
How many health benefits does "Reishi extract + sporoderm-broken spore powder" have? The following three studies provide the effects we have known for over a decade.
2022-08-26 15:10:00
Can Ganoderma lucidum alleviate the fatty liver disease?
Nowadays, fatty liver disease is no longer the label of "greasy middle-aged". "Fatty liver disease" frequently appears in the physical examination reports of many young people. The incidence of fatty
2022-08-26 15:05:00
Ye Li, one of the 50 best sci-tech commissioners in Fujian
Recently, the eight departments including Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Organization Department of Fujian Party Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
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